TITLE: Coastal Assessment Survey Solway North Coast, Port Donnel to Gretna
AUTHOR(S): Centre for Field Archaeology
PUBL. YEAR: 1996

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Map 40: Port Donnel to Portling Bay download
Map 41: Portling Bay to Mersehead download
Map 42: Mersehead to Southerness download
Map 43: West Preston (Southerness Point) to Arbigland download
Map 44: Gillfoot to Carsethorn download
Map 45: Carsethorn to Ingleston Merse download
Map 46: Ingleston Merse to Kirconnel Merse download
Map 47: Kirconnel Merse to Dumfries download
Map 48: Dumfries download
Map 49: Kenneth Bank to Caerlaverock Merse download
Map 50: Caerlaverock Merse to Stanhope download
Map 51: Stanhope to East How Creek download
Map 52: East How Creek to Powfoot download
Map 53: Powfoot to Annan download
Map 54: Annan to Eastriggs download
Map 55: Eastriggs to Rigg download
Map 56: Rigg to Gretna download
Case studies
Summary and recommedations
List of individuals and organisations consulted
Human impact on coastlines
Natural impact on coastlines